How I Got my $3500 Camera Kit Stolen on KitSplit for $70

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Re: Pretty sure I've seen this story before...

Aberaeron wrote:

Almost exactly. Here on DPReview. Not with the email copies or with such detail but essentially the very same story. Even to the extent that there was to be a new insurance product available to cover such a scenario. Or else I'm having serious deja-vu issues.

Why anyone would part with valuable equipment to a complete stranger is beyond my comprehension, nevertheless it happens and probably with a satisfactory conclusion most of the time. I suspect that the risk is very high indeed though, contrary to the facilitator's claims. It's not one I would even consider if I hadn't seen the previous and this warning. I would not lend it to a friend even, considering that I've lent several books over the years and never had them back despite asking.

There are enough fraudsters on sites even where you try to sell the item, let alone hire it out for a small fraction of the cost!

I went shopping for equipment online and a string of people I contacted had complained about time wasters and scammers. They'll list something for real money and get people contacting them for swop deals. Or they'll stipulate collection only and someone from the other side of the country will click on buy, but never contact and never pay. Or you'll think a deal is on with a seller and never get it, because they're trying to play one buyer off against the other. That's not counting the people who return bricks in place of the items or try to change address and payment.

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