Multiple Options for a First Lens paired with a Sony A7iii

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Re: Multiple Options for a First Lens paired with a Sony A7iii

(...) making the 40 to 50mm my "standard" (...)

Since you know you would be happy with the 40-50mm range, then I would go that way:

1) The Sony 50mm is very underrated. It is really good and really sharp, and if you are patient, you can find it or around $150-$200 and even if you "upgrade" to a Batis 40mm or a Zeiss 55mm, it is worth as an extra/backup because it's small and light and very good for travel (exactly like the Canon 50mm f1.8);

2) If you want to go 85mm, go with the Sony instead of the Batis. It is far cheaper and in a lot of tests superior.

3) The 55mm is a staple on sharpness. I never tried one so I personally don't know how much better it is compared to the 50mm Sony. It should be better :D. But, again, even if you "upgrade" to the Zeiss later, I honestly think it is worth it to have the 50mm cheap lens as a backup and for light travel.

4) Do not underestimate the Samyang 35mm f2.8. It is an amazingly useful, light and cheap lens, and it makes the A7iii a perfect street and travel camera (actually better and lighter than a lot of m4/3 or APSC camera+lens combos).

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