How I Got my $3500 Camera Kit Stolen on KitSplit for $70

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WarrenPeas wrote:

LisbethK wrote:

Hi, Lisbeth Kaufman here (CoFounder and CEO of KitSplit). I feel terribly for Yohahn and the other owner who had their gear stolen. I wanted to personally respond to let you know that we are fixing this and making them whole- and then some.

We are launching a new insurance product to cover owners in this situation: the KitSplit Theft Protection Owner Guarantee.

The Owner Guarantee means that KitSplit owners will be covered in all scenarios, whether damage, loss, or theft. It’s something we’ve been considered for a while, and with Yohahn's situation it’s clearly time.

We are the first rental platform to offer coverage of this kind. It fills a major insurance loophole, and it’s the right thing to do for our customers. To make good on this promise, we’re starting by reimbursing the Yohahn and the other owner.

You are welcome to read more about the problem and how we’re fixing it here.

To Ms. L. Kaufman,

With all due respect, the perception of your company doesn't reflect well of this belated attempt at damage control. Perhaps as well meaning as you and your company may be in all of this, it rather damning that it took a post to be created here on a forum that is internationally viewed, to evoke the proper and morally correct response from you and your company toward the original poster of this thread. And that is not to mention the other patrons of your company that have been affected in the same manner. It is a surprise that this hasn't been brought to litigation on the basis that more than one patron can attest to what has transpired despite the disclaimer and TOS disclosed on from your company and website. Good luck to you and your company.

Fact is, KitSplit denied these claims and only repaid these two renters when their complaints went viral. Having a post go viral is a 1 in a million shot.

KitSplit didn't "do the right thing" until they were forced to. Twice.  I'd like to see them crispen their message a lot. To be clear: The first renter asked KitSplit if he would be covered if the renter didn't return the product, and KitSplit said YES. Then, when it happened, KitSplit said NO. Nothing persuaded KitSplit until his story went viral.

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