How I Got my $3500 Camera Kit Stolen on KitSplit for $70

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Re: Chill Out

scrup wrote:

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scrup wrote:

MarshallG wrote:

scrup wrote:

Chill out guys.

This is part of the gig economy. Give them a chance to correct their ways.

They were brave enough to respond in this forum.

The comments are akin to modern day stoning.

No! “Gig economy” is not an excuse for pocketing money and then pretending you have no responsibility. It’s not an excuse for passing the buck and ignoring your customers. They made a promise, took money from these people, and then didn’t keep their promise when things went wrong. Instead, they blamed the law, insurance companies, the contracts... but they took no responsibility.

They already lied to their customers. They told these people that their equipment would be safe. That’s the problem. There isn’t even an apology here!

If they had truly made these two customers whole and compensated them properly, they wouldn’t have posted these articles.

A company’s integrity matters. As I said, there are companies who have proven for years that they will go out of their way if something goes wrong. This company clearly doesn’t value their integrity. Your opinion is “Gig economy means that irresponsible behavior is ok.” Then do business with them. But I think that holding companies’ feet to the fire is the best thing for all of us

It pains me to write so negatively about a company. They invested their money into a business and they want it to succeed. But so did others, and those others started businesses which understand that customers must be treated with integrity and respect.

Sometimes you have to take some responsibility for yourself. Life is not as sheltered as you think it should be.

Which company has integrity?

The company agreed to reimburse the victims. Do you see how easy this could have been abused. For all we know the OP could be in on it with the thief. They could have seen a loop hole and took advantage.

The gig economy provides access to services we do not traditionally have. It comes with tradeoffs. Some people will get burnt along the way.

Oh, now its about “Personal Responsibility”?

Be “personally responsible” and don’t do business with people who lie to their customers.

You ever sell on ebay, rent out your place on airbnb, drive for uber. All come with risks.

Read OPs post again.

Not hard to imagine the worst case scenario, do you trust a Webpage or do you get a second opinion and use some common sense.

Would you sell a 3500 camera to a person with zero feedback? Would you rent out your place without insurance, drive for uber and not have commercial insurance.

I think that the kind of businesses that we're talking about where there's a sort of middleman dealing with setting up rentals is a bit different than the other kinds of companies that you mention. Part of what you're paying them for is them vetting the renter and providing some sort of guarantee. As far as insurance, it seems likely that it would only cover damage or the kind of theft where gear swiped from you, not where you hand it off to a renter.

Besides, in the case of ebay don't they have a system where as long as you've sold something in a way that follows their rules, if you don't get paid for it they go after the crook and they reimburse you?

It seems to me that if you're paying a percentage to these folks and they're vetting the renters that it ought to come with a pretty solid guarantee. Otherwise why woudn't I save a bit of money and just put up fliers everywhere that say "renting photo and video gear" and then deal with un-vetted people who contact me?

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