Multiple Options for a First Lens paired with a Sony A7iii

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Re: Multiple Options for a First Lens paired with a Sony A7iii

samdesignsthat wrote:

I got so overwhelmed by the fast answers; thank you so much everyone!

Let me provide some context: I only own a Canon 50mm 1.8, which I mostly use on rented Canon APS-C bodies or my 35mm analog Canon. Comparing prices with adapters, it didn't seem wise to grab a Metabones or the Sigma adapter, when I can get a cheaper prime for about the same price.

Is that an STM50, or older 50?  If it's pre-STM, it's basically not adaptable.

I've only used a 50mm on a full frame body in a project a couple of years ago, everything other than that was on cropped sensors. Thus my inclination toward an 85mm. What got me considering primes vs zoom was: quality and punchiness of the color, sharpness, wide aperture and native auto focus that Sony/Zeiss lenses provide

For most of the situations I find myself in, I have the space to move around and get closer (or further) to my subject, which sort of invalidates the premise of a zoom. I also find that 2.8 might be too slow for my personal taste. I've done enough projects on a Canon kit lens to realize I would end up between 25 and 35mm cropped most of the time, making the 40 to 50mm my "standard".

Essentially, narrowed it down to:

  1. Zeiss 55mm
    Nifty fifty focal length and what seems to be the gold standard for Sony quality.
  2. Batis 40mm
    The close focus feature is what got me the most, in addition to everything this series already provides. From what I've seen online, it's a good compromise between 35 and 55mm, and it seems to be actually closer to what our eyes can perceive in the real word opposed to 50mm.
  3. Batis 85mm
    Same praise for its features as the 40mm, but considered due to the fact I've been using a 50mm on cropped sensors.
  4. Sony 50mm
    This would be the Sony equivalent to my Canon, but I haven't seen reviews/footage on this one as much as the ones mentioned above.

I'm gravitating toward the 40mm and then building the 18mm + 40mm + 85mm combo, as it would cover everything. Super 35 mode would also be an option for video if needed. Thoughts?

Thank you so much once again!

It seems like you're spending quite a bit of money for all that Batis glass, your budget concerns have me thinking something like the 24-105G or Tamron 28-75 might be more suitable for you.

Just as a reference for what I have in my setup:

A7III, Metabones IV for all Canon glass listed below except for one example.  All EF glass was actually purchased AFTER I started shooting Sony - I've never owned a Canon body.

Sony 24-105G - my only native FF lens

Canon 50/1.8 STM - solid lens, not worth rebuying native for my use cases, probably would have bought the FE50 had it existed when I bought the 50STM though

Canon EF85/1.8 USM - great lens, I probably would have gone for the FE85 had it existed then

Tamron 70-300SP - I bought this even after the FE70-300G came out.  The Tamron seems pretty close in optical quality and it's so much cheaper that even if you pay for Metabones, the total cost is less.

Samyang/Rokinon 100/2.8 macro in EF mount - I bought EF for the resale value.  It's a manual focus/manual aperture lens so works with any adapter with no penalty.

Sigma 150-600C - The only lens I use the MC-11 with.  I would not recommend this as a new purchase, go for the Sony 200-600 instead.  This is likely one of the few lenses in my Canon EF list that I am likely to sell and rebuy as native.

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