DAM software for managing photo library/alternative to Lightroom

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Re: DAM software for managing photo library/alternative to Lightroom

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Future proof is always difficult - you never really know what's going to happen.

A proper DAM software generates clean metadata and supports all relevant standards and metadata formats. And stores your metadata inside the image and/or XMP sidecar file.

This makes your precious metadata (all your keywords, tags, titles, descriptions, collections, groups...) independent from your asset management system. And this makes your collection future-proof.

From my personal experience, many users learn the hard way that the software they've used in the past created a metadata mess or just silently tucked half of their precious data away in some proprietary database - without easy ways to export it in any standard format. This makes switching to another product or platform very difficult.

If you consider these aspects when choosing a DAM software, whatever works for you is good.

All good points. So, which DAM software do you use / recommend? Thanks, martin

I've searched far and wide - used Extensis Portfolio when they were the only game in town. Tried a few others - can't remember their names. THen came across ACDSEE ! OMG - that is one helluva DAM application. It's now the foundation of my imaging cataloging.

Thanks for the reply sorry I did not get back this when you posted it. I ended up going with Alien Skin Exposure X4. I am very pleased with it for the most part. It just agrees with my editing needs/style. As for the DAM functions in it, they are quite good. It has taken me some time and a few conversations with the company to understand the mode of working with it but now I see where they are coming from and it is a cool idea. In short it is all built around layers and presets. Bassicly I am building many presets that I can apply as layers. So film type grain settings and so on. So not a one click does everything preset but presets organized in ways that make editing faster and in a way more consistent across my body of work and that is very helpful. It also helps keep me from over editing.

For me the highlights of the program in terms of organization would be....

Fast import

Fast browsing of pictures

Smart Collections - just add perimeters to taste. I was trying to figure out what focal range I shot at the most so I just set up ranges for focal lengths and within a five min I could search my entire collection by focal range and f stop.

Exporting Profiles!!!! OMG so good. I have about ten different profiles that are all completely customized. Where the file goes, what resolution, exact size, format, sharpening, what happens with the file after it exports and so on. Incredible time saver.

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