Cant decide if a speed booster or the 35mm 1,4

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Re: Cant decide if a speed booster or the 35mm 1,4

a_c_skinner wrote:

The 35mm 1.4 AF is excellent, don't fall for the reviews.

Besides which, as I discovered yesterday, the 35mm f1.4 on the X-T3 (which I see from the OP's gear list he possesses) really does focus noticeably quicker than on the X-T2, even with the latest firmware on the latter. The reports to this effect are entirely accurate as far I'm concerned.

There's less chatter from the focussing motor and focus acquisition is not only significantly faster, but is more decisive as well. I compared the 35mm f1.4 with the 35m f2, and on the X-T3 the 1.4 is now almost as quick to focus as the slower lens ['slower' as in aperture, of course]. Not quite as quick perhaps, but it's close. At least this is the case for static subjects, I haven't tested it in AF-C mode. The X-T3 is also noticeably faster to focus with the 18mm f2 and the 56mm f1.2 as well. (Although the gains for the 56mm, while noticeable, aren't quite as dramatic as for the 35mm).

One of the nicest improvements is that all three seem noticeably quieter. I can't quite tell if this is because the volume is actually lower or the focussing is much quicker and therefore the noise of the motors is less noticeable. I presume the latter must be the case, but my brain is fooled into thinking that they are quieter on the X-T3.

I don't know where Fujifilm's engineers found this extra performance, but found it they have.

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