DXO terrible upgrade policy

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Re: DXO terrible upgrade policy

Digital Nigel wrote:

Lacko wrote:

Holger Bargen wrote:

If you buy a new camera it may not be supported with your DxO version and you have to do the upgrade - even though the latest version is almost same (in my opinion even worse) compared your version which may be just 1 year old.

Cameras (lenses) are supported with DXO Optics modules which can be downloaded into any DXO version.

No, optics modules only work with versions of the software released after the module was released. You can't use a new module with an older version of the software.

That's why the release notes for new dot releases list the cameras and lenses newly supported. You have to download and install the new software version before you can use any of the new modules. That's free within one release series, but requires a paid-for upgrade to the next series. Some people complain that, with PhotoLab, DxO isn't adding enough significant new features to justify the upgrade cost.

I believe you meant "only work with current and later versions of the software released after when the module was released"

I don't think it's unreasonable for them.  Though, more prompt release of new lens and camera support would make it go down easier.

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