Photo-manipulations vs. photography

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Re: Photo-manipulations vs. photography

Don Lacy wrote:

Both of my examples distorted reality or more important show a false reality ...

How do you 'distort' reality simply by replacing, or altering, what happened to be in place prior to your tripping the shutter, Don?  The brick I suspended where the hummingbird was 40 seconds ago (and which moved on due to my actions) is no more real or distorting than was the hummingbird when it was hovering near the feeder...or against a natural vs. black Bristol board background.

To illustrate, this image comprises a diorama in HO scale on which I have an HO scale Heisler geared locomotive representing, in scale, an item which exists only in museums or as rusting hulks at the bottoms of rivers someplace.  The image comprises four stacked images manipulated via software (CombineZP).  There is no distortion, except what opticians would term spherical, symmetric, astigmatic, registration error artefacts, and so on.  What the lens passed as images on each of those exposures is precisely what it was able to do because that is what was in front of the lens.  There Is no magic going on...what you see is what you get...except it's all rendered in focus.

The image conveys a false impression because there were never railway tracks over a bridge of the kind depicted this far east of the Beaufort Range shown in the distance.  But you can't say what you see isn't 'real', and if the imaging system captures what it must, then you have a photograph.  What would make it manipulated is that, after the system's rendering, one begins to introduce artefacts, or effects, or some other alteration using only software.  But, it would still be a photograph, just not one showing fidelity to what the camera produced, or the software that rendered four photographs fully in focus.

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