Missing lenses, missing updates.

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Re: missing updates e.g. Noctiron 42.5

iano wrote:

Clearly, lots of people desire lenses beyond those already available, but I also hold back on some existing lenses because they lack features of newer lenses, even though there may be no newer equivalent.

There have been several technology updates that Panasonic and Olympus could trickle down to drive more sales. It should be far less expensive to tweak an existing lens than develop a new one from scratch.

An example is weather sealing. Some lenses have seen updates that introduce weather seal, but for example, the quite upmarket Noctiron 42.5mm. I have looked at buying this, but the lens is 5 years old starting to show its age in lacking weather sealing.

Yes the 42.5mm 1.2 and 15mm 1.7 Leica lenses should have weather sealing. They are premium lenses. The 25mm 1.4 and perhaps the 45mm 2.8 Leica lenses should have aperture rings and metal bodies like the other Leica lenses. Im a little surprised it hasn't been done yet. It seems like an easy way for Panasonic to resell older lenses. Optically they are already great, so don't even need to change that.

Now Panasonic has a lens with a manual focus clutch. I think this is another technology worthy of driving updates.

At one time Olympus had IBIS and Panasonic had IS lenses. Now both companies have both, but several Olympus lenses could be more appealing if they added IS.

Another interesting technology for m43 is the collapsible lens such as the much loved 12-32 ... why are there not more collapsible lenses? Several posts have mentioned a desire for lenses that are smaller at some focal lengths to enable a smaller carry size- but why not smaller at ALL focal lengths like the 12-32mm?

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