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Here's a link to DPR's review of the RF 35 1.8.


How does the review match your personal experience?

In my experience it's sharp wide open and not hazy

The DPR author clarify this in the comments section:

"There are plenty of wide open samples in the gallery which show good resolution across all the normal apertures. Don't read too much into performance at F1.8 at infinity (it's not exactly a common use-case)."

Thanks for sharing that Glassfish. It makes the "haze" part of the article even more frustrating.

The reviewer stated that "Detail is a bit hazy wide open..." in the main review. Then, in the comments he states: "There are plenty of wide open samples in the gallery which show good resolution across all the normal apertures." This doesn't even make sense when you talk about the WIDE OPEN samples that show good resolution across ALL THE NORMAL APERTURES. How can a lens be wide open across a range of apertures? Wide open is only 1.8 for this lens, not all the normal apertures.

Qualifying inaccurate reporting in the comments doesn't fix poor reporting in the article.

I just spent way too much time looking at this and here is what I found:

DPP4 shows the same focus square on all photos. However, focus wasn't locked. One Shot Autofocus was used with AF Point Expansion: Surround. So, the lens refocused every time.

Within the focus square, there were two very different surfaces. A little less than half was semi-reflective glass (could that have caused a problem with focus) and a little less than half was a flat white surface with vertical lines.

Looking at the images, there is a huge change in the histograms that shows up between f2 and f2.8. Coincidentally, the image dramatically sharpens up between those two images. The histograms for f1.8 and f2 have one pattern and the histograms for f2.8 - f11 have another.

My guess is that the camera chose to focus on the semi-reflective glass in the f 1.8 and f2 images which threw focus off and the white surface for the rest.

I'd love for this test to be redone with locked focus.

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