Photo-manipulations vs. photography

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Re: Computer art vs. photography

Levantinian wrote:

knickerhawk wrote:

Levantinian wrote:

Laybourne wrote:

But is the line between the two really as cut and dry as they make it out to be?

What do you think?

The line between photography and decorative art employing a digital image file and computer manipulation is quite well defined.

It is a photograph if the computer manipulation of camera generated digital file is restricted to the following:

  1. Restoration of image perspective to what it would be if the lens axis and the sensor x direction were both in the horizontal plane.
  2. Crop within the existing sensor frame.
  3. Correction of blemishes introduced by the foreign particles on the sensor surface.
  4. Correction for the colour temperature, light sensitivity and contrast, uniform over the whole image frame.

If there is any computer manipulation of the image file produced by the camera, it may well be art, but it is not photography.

That's an incredibly restrictive definition.

Perhaps a "very restrictive definition?" Yes, it is. Works for some, not for the others...

  1. All B&W images are not photographs...

We are discussing the definitions in context of digital photography. I do not see how are those rules disqualifying photographs taken on monochrome film or sensor?

Well, ALL digital sensors are monochrome with respect to each channel. So what? Are you, therefore, saying a B&W output image/print generated from just one of the channels in a digital camera is a legitimate photographic image but a B&W image generated from all four channels can only be called "decorative art"? Likewise, does this mean that viewing any color photographic image on a B&W monitor or printing it on a B&W printer magically transforms it into something other than a photographic image? Does this also imply that a B&W print made from a color negative (which used to be a fairly common darkroom option with the right kind of B&W paper) is NOT a photographic print, but rather "decorative art"?

Does your silence with respect to my other examples mean that you have no answers or are you just taking them one at a time?

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