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Re: In fairness to Kung Fu.....

Kung Fu wrote:

scokill wrote:

commiebiker wrote:

scokill wrote:

commiebiker wrote:

I've argued with Kung Fu plenty, but in fairness

  • He asked about white balance
  • The answer is the filter set up
  • Everything else on this thread is kind of superfluous

If he wants to experiment with ND filters, why not let him?

In fairness he stated he had a white balance problem, then added information about the ND filter. Since there is no known white balance issue with the D750 he was presented with two potentially causes for the blue cast: default WB setting being adjusted or the ND filter. He proceeded to hurl insults to me from there (that have been deleted by moderator) since it was pointed out the he could have tested the ND filter on/off very easily. He did, and found it to be the problem. If he wants to experiment with an ND filter that causes blue color cast then he can for sure. No need to be combative or hurl insults at everybody.

True enough.

I'm (me) trying to be a better forum participant, and part of the problem I see is that we (including me) tend to keep talking about other issues long after something has been answered, And it degenerates

Anyway, I seem to be doing that now, so I'll just stop

Agreed it went on too long. It could have been over when two people suggested the ND filter was the problem, test it, come back and say, thanks guys, the ND filter was the problem...and move on. On my post it could have been...yes, testing is on my radar but I just haven't had time to do it. Instead it started a whole thread off topic with insults.

So according to you I just out of nowhere started “hurling insults” at you, for no reason? Haha. Meanwhile it was actually your snarky replies like this that turned the whole thing sour quickly:

You could have already done it before posting a reply and shared the results.

If we were talking about this issue over a beer in the corner pub, would you have said that to me? No way in hell.

And you’re now posting multiple replies accusing me of insulting everyone? Who have I insulted? It’s actually several people insulting me, criticizing my skills, my choice of lenses, my photo, etc.

Here are my two replies before you call me a dumbhead (insert a nickname for Richard for dumb)….let a reasonable person review...but I think the fact that your replies were deleted speak for themselves.  Maybe you were just having a bad day....

Comment 1

I suspect that the root cause is your ND filter. The only other answer would be adjustment of the daylight WB default over to blue. Select daylight and move over to the right with the control wheel to check. I've found auto WB to be more to my desire than choosing a manual WB.

Comment 2

Check sunlight default color temp as suggested and you can easily and quickly test with ND on/off. You could have already done it before posting a reply and shared the results.

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