How I Got my $3500 Camera Kit Stolen on KitSplit for $70

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A leopard does not change it’s spots

Forgive my skepticism but it has already been established that like most “new economy” companies yours was built on deception.

Your shrewdly crafted promotional material seems to promise equipment owners that you would protect them from loss but you never had any intention of doing so.

Now you want us to believe that you have suddenly developed a sense of ethics?

If you truly “feel terribly” (which is in all likelihood  a phrase fed to you by some crisis PR flack) you will resign immediately and put the company in the hands of someone who act ethically all the time, not just when the bright light of public shame is pointed in her direction.

Hi, Lisbeth Kaufman here (CoFounder and CEO of KitSplit). I feel terribly for Yohahn and the other owner who had their gear stolen. I wanted to personally respond to let you know that we are fixing this and making them whole- and then some.

We are launching a new insurance product to cover owners in this situation: the KitSplit Theft Protection Owner Guarantee.

The Owner Guarantee means that KitSplit owners will be covered in all scenarios, whether damage, loss, or theft. It’s something we’ve been considered for a while, and with Yohahn's situation it’s clearly time.

We are the first rental platform to offer coverage of this kind. It fills a major insurance loophole, and it’s the right thing to do for our customers. To make good on this promise, we’re starting by reimbursing the Yohahn and the other owner.

You are welcome to read more about the problem and how we’re fixing it here.

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