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Re: In fairness to Kung Fu.....

commiebiker wrote:

scokill wrote:

commiebiker wrote:

I've argued with Kung Fu plenty, but in fairness

  • He asked about white balance
  • The answer is the filter set up
  • Everything else on this thread is kind of superfluous

If he wants to experiment with ND filters, why not let him?

In fairness he stated he had a white balance problem, then added information about the ND filter. Since there is no known white balance issue with the D750 he was presented with two potentially causes for the blue cast: default WB setting being adjusted or the ND filter. He proceeded to hurl insults to me from there (that have been deleted by moderator) since it was pointed out the he could have tested the ND filter on/off very easily. He did, and found it to be the problem. If he wants to experiment with an ND filter that causes blue color cast then he can for sure. No need to be combative or hurl insults at everybody.

True enough.

I'm (me) trying to be a better forum participant, and part of the problem I see is that we (including me) tend to keep talking about other issues long after something has been answered, And it degenerates

Anyway, I seem to be doing that now, so I'll just stop

I asked the moderator to lock the thread, but they haven’t responded.

I’ve learned that this is a terrible forum to ask questions in. Anyone who saw my OP as some kind of attack on Nikon or the D750 needs professional mental help.

But I’m grateful for two things: thanks to you @commiebiker I learned all about color casts from ND filters, and I also learned that using the extended ISO 50 setting is not a viable option for me.

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