Cant decide if a speed booster or the 35mm 1,4

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Re: Cant decide if a speed booster or the 35mm 1,4

Good question and something i ponder and not sure i have a great answer for

I shoot my 58mm 1,4G a lot on my DF. And with my Fuji i lack something in between the 16mm the 56mm and the 90 mm. Either a zoom that ties it together like the 16-55 or the 35 mm prime as i see it. However, its true that i think the 50 is quite "boring" as a focal length. On my Nikon i always sold my 50 mm lenses after  awhile, had the sigma art and the 50 f1,2 etc. But sold that too. Not sure but i almost always went with wider like 24 or longer like 85 plus.

But i know the 35 is a little bit more fun than the ordinary 50 lens because of its rendering which puts it in a better spot for using than the others i mentioned in my meaning.

So yeh...its something i DO need, but I'm not sure how often it would get used. Maybe the best environmental portrait lens for my newborn for example would be the 23mm 1,4. That IS a great lens but something i sold in the past as well because i then had the 10-24 which i used more.


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