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Re: Why is daylight WB so blue on the D750?

tomnorth wrote:

briantilley wrote:

Kung Fu wrote:

AZBlue wrote:

Kung Fu wrote:

AZBlue wrote:

You couldn't shoot that without a ND filter?

Let’s see: using “sunny f16”, at f/2 ISO100, shutter speed would need to be 1/6400s. Max shutter speed on the D750 is 1/4000s.

Adding the ND brought that down 3 stops to 1/800s. So the answer to your question is no.

I'm basing my question on your EXIF settings. You can achieve the same exposure using ISO 50 at 1/3200 second, both of which the D750 supports.

If you looked at the complete EXIF you’d see I’m in manual exposure mode, so the +1 exp compensation is ignored.

Whichever mode you were in, your exposure settings for that image were 1/800th at f/2, ISO 100, with a 3-stop filter added. As AZBlue suggests, you could get the same exposure without the filter by raising shutter speed to 1/3200th and setting ISO to Lo1, which is equivalent to ISO 50.

I'd sure rather do that than have a three-stop ND filter on my camera at all times.

So you don’t mind losing a stop of DR in the highlights? I do mind.

I'd also seriously think about shooting with a longer focal length as others have suggested, say 85mm, to get more separation with the background.

I don’t like street photography with telephoto lenses, as I’ve already said several times. I’m not into the surveillance aesthetic.

Unless your subject is close to the camera

They are, often less then 1m.

it's tough with a 35mm lens to get a lot of separation.

Where in this or any other thread did I ask how to get “a lot of separation”? I had a white balance problem.

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