Who would like to see the Oly 17 f/1.8 optically improved

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Re: Who would like to see the Oly 17 f/1.8 optically improved

ata3001 wrote:

Auf Reisen wrote:

I can just pass on some hearsay on this topic, but word on the forums is that there is a lot of sample variation in the early batches of this lens from the Chinese plant. Apparently, QC for the batch from Vietnam was much better. Where is yours from?

My lens was purchased new only a few months ago. It was made in Vietnam.

When I did image comparisons between this lens & my Oly 12-40 f/2.8 @ 17mm, the 12-40 lens produced better contrast, sharpness & detail. The testing was done using a Pen F on a CF tripod & using a cable release to eliminate any camera shake. There were no filters on the lenses either, so that eliminates that variable as well.

It's not that it's a terrible lens because on it's own, it produces nice images, but when compared, it simply falls short. Taking the same image with both lenses & w/o any post processing, I can tell which image was shot with which lens.

That has been my experience. I feel it is overpriced and has options I don't want or use (the pull-back focus ring) and of course has an overpriced fancy hood. I think it was one of the early lens designs, and fell heavily into the hipster nostalgia phase. I paid the price to get one because I wanted a 35mm equivalent, and there is nothing else. But yeah, I find the output uninspiring.

We have like a dozen 25mm and even several 12mm lenses, but for some reason pretty much the most popular angle-of-view (AOV) has one choice. I hoped for years they would make a really good 17ish/1.4, but nope, they went all the way to the 17/1.2, in which like you I have no interest. I guess I am lucky that I far prefer the 50mm AOV so don't really miss a 35 that much. But the lack of one I find compelling is part of what has prevented me from exploring that AOV more.

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