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Re: Why is daylight WB so blue on the D750?

briantilley wrote:

Kung Fu wrote:

I read somewhere that extended fake ISO settings like ISO “50” are noisier and have less dynamic range. Is that not true?

It's not always true.

In your specific case, the D750 has the same dynamic range at any of the "Lo" settings as it does at 100, so you would be no worse off in terms of DR and noise. Bill Claff's website is an excellent source for such data, if you'd like to check it out...


Technically it’s the same DR amount, but you’re actually losing a stop of dynamic range in the highlights, and gaining a stop in the shadows. Exactly opposite of what I would prefer.

Another factor (which hasn't been mentioned yet) is that removing the 3-stop ND filter would help out autofocus, and/or make manual focus easier.

I haven’t noticed any AF problems.

The brighter viewfinder can also help with composition.

I'm ignoring the remainder of your post, as it is just argumentative.

Yeah, because nobody else in this thread including you are being argumentative at all, right? Every response to me so far has been respectful and on topic, right? Is that what you’re claiming?

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