How I Got my $3500 Camera Kit Stolen on KitSplit for $70

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threw the lens
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Re: I don't understand...

richdm wrote:

mpix345 wrote:

...even if the new insurance option totally protects the equipment owner, isn't this just an invitation for theft and/or insurance fraud?

But then isn't any insurance an invitation to fraud and/or theft?

It depends how onerous the insurance terms are to ensure you displayed due diligence or responsibility. Insurers use "Loss adjusters" which means "Weasels" to get excuses not to pay out. For instance, you might think you had a rugged and expensive 4x4, they might say it didn't technically have a lockable separate boot, so thieves could steal what was in the boot by smashing a window and getting through the folding back compartment, so no payout. As if anyone breaks into a car with the intention of doing anything other than stealing, anyway. They'd just break into whichever bit they had to. It's any old excuse in the insurance world. That's why I pointed out that a separate insurance scheme on KitSplit was likely to lead to a false sense of security and over-committal by users.

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