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Re: Why is daylight WB so blue on the D750?

briantilley wrote:

Kung Fu wrote:

AZBlue wrote:

Kung Fu wrote:

AZBlue wrote:

You couldn't shoot that without a ND filter?

Let’s see: using “sunny f16”, at f/2 ISO100, shutter speed would need to be 1/6400s. Max shutter speed on the D750 is 1/4000s.

Adding the ND brought that down 3 stops to 1/800s. So the answer to your question is no.

I'm basing my question on your EXIF settings. You can achieve the same exposure using ISO 50 at 1/3200 second, both of which the D750 supports.

If you looked at the complete EXIF you’d see I’m in manual exposure mode, so the +1 exp compensation is ignored.

Whichever mode you were in, your exposure settings for that image were 1/800th at f/2, ISO 100, with a 3-stop filter added. As AZBlue suggests, you could get the same exposure without the filter by raising shutter speed to 1/3200th and setting ISO to Lo1, which is equivalent to ISO 50.

I'd sure rather do that than have a three-stop ND filter on my camera at all times. I'd also seriously think about shooting with a longer focal length as others have suggested, say 85mm, to get more separation with the background. Unless your subject is close to the camera, it's tough with a 35mm lens to get a lot of separation.

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