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Re: Adding an FX camera

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Kung Fu wrote:

The D750 is awesome, and at the current price of $1289, you really can’t go wrong. I don’t see why you can’t shoot sports with it too, it’s got the best focusing system, and can do 6.5 fps.

The OP has 2 DX lenses which ideally need upgrading if an FX body is added.

Without hesitation I consider the D750 the worst Nikon 51 point AF body for many sports.

If you cannot focus on subject you usually miss the shot.

The D750 AF point screen coverage is the most restricted of the Nikon 51 point FX AF cameras - and much more so than on the OP's D7200.

This makes D750 focus on a subject away from the centre of the frame relatively difficult compared to the D7200

Can we please see your sports examples where you missed focus with the D750? Thanks.

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