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Re: I do not recommend a dot sight

HRC2016 wrote:

I had one (from Olympus) for a couple of weeks but returned it:

  1. It's one more thing to carry, along with spare batteries. It may not take up a lot of room but it does take up space. I try to bring as little gear as possible.
  2. It needs to be calibrated and recalibrated with each change in focal length.

That simply isn't true.

  1. That's really a pain if you use a zoom. If it's not calibrated properly then it will make photography much more difficult.
  2. It's a distraction from enjoying being outdoors. You are fiddling with gear a lot - these things lose calibration very easily, as you can tell by posts that mention taping the dials.
  3. The return on investment of my time was a net loss.

I tend to shoot with both eyes open, which helps me find my target more quickly. When I go out to shoot I do not want my gear to be an annoyance.

From looking at the pictures I do not see how a dot sight would have made them better.

Try one out but make sure you are comfortable with the return policies. And decide what works for you, not what works for strangers on the internet.

I am sorry that you had a poor experience with your dot sight, but perhaps it wasn't suited to your type of photography, although two weeks to try it out isn't really very long for a piece of equipment that requires a totally new style of shooting.

I do think that potential purchasers need to do sufficient investigation beforehand to know whether it is actually going to be useful for their photography.

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