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I came here to ask you all a question of adding a D750 to my D7200. Would you consider it a good choice to add an FX body to my DX setup? I would mainly use this camera as my portrait setup and then focus on using my D7200 for sports. I currently shoot both and am about 50-50 right now in terms of my work. Also, I would change to the FX version of the 35mm.

Greetings! I also have a D7200 and have long been battling the "inner battle" about purchasing a Nikon FX. I was using (and still occasionally use) a D3300 until last Christmas when I got a D7200 when they were discontinued and the price dropped to $699. Like many, I constantly think of adding to/upgrading my kit. I have 4 DX lenses and 2 FX lenses - the 50mm f1.8 and the 105mm f2.8 micro (macro). Most, though not all, of my shooting is close-up/macro (more on the close-up end) and at local botanical gardens and scenic river shots as Sacramento is bordered by two rivers.

I've rented a D810 once and a D750 three times. Though I do well with my D7200 I was really impressed with this last D750 rental of just a couple of weeks. ago. I finally saw the difference, at least to my eyes, between the D7200 and D750. Some of it was not totally surprising as one of the hallmarks of the D750 is it's abilities in low-light shooting. I often go out taking photos in a local botanical garden at sunrise or within the hour after sunrise. The D750 definitely was better in low-light conditions, though the D7200 is no slouch. The biggest difference I experienced was in the tonality, subtlety and rendering (maybe those three are the same thing!) of colors - that was clear to me. The other biggest difference was the raw files of the D750 - wow, they were rich in color and dynamic range. Of the basic postprocessing I usually do I did even less with the D750 raw files - I found them really nice and had many more keepers than usual.

The issue for me, regarding making the jump from DX to FX and which has been mentioned a number of times in this and other threads is lenses . I do have two FX lenses and I think I am finally coming to grips with the idea that I really do want a D750 and am almost, but not quite, willing to add some FX lenses to the two I already have. I can (mostly) afford the D750 and maybe two more lenses but I'm not quite there yet and am figuring to wait until the xmas holiday season at the end of this year to see about prices.


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