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mde wrote:

sjazz wrote:

If you plan to use the ND filters on multiple lenses, getting a square system like NiSi will be very convenient as you can use the same filters on all your lenses who would have attached an adapter. In addition, the Grad ND can be adjusted easily according to your composition.

Threaded filters are cheap but you need one per lens diameter unless all your lenses are Loxia, so a 52mm will fit all of them. Threaded Grad ND have the interface in the middle, so they are not convenient for compositions based on rule of thirds.

NiSi is not cheap but it is high quality and don't produce a colourcast. I used Cokin before, cheap but everything ended reddish or magenta.

Or but screw-in filters that fit your largest diameter lens & buy step-up rings so the same filter can be used on all your lenses (step-up rings are super cheap).

Exactly. With a square system, you're going to need separate adapters for each lens diameter anyway, which are at least as expensive as step-up rings.

To the OP, since the photographer specifically mentioned sunrises and sunsets, my guess is that they're suggesting GNDs rather than normal NDs. If that's the case, and you're comfortable blending exposures in post, you could just skip the filters and shoot brackets and blend in post. If you'd prefer to do as much as possible in-camera, I've been happy with the Formatt Hitech Firecrest square/rectangular filters. For regular circular NDs, I'd also vote for Breakthrough.

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