Missing lenses, missing updates.

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I would like to go the other way and, like the Canon L series, have a second rank of telephoto lenses, smaller and slower, but still with high quality optics. A 300 mm f/5.6 for example or an M4/3 version of the Canon 70-300mm L.

IMO MFT already has the smaller and slower lenses, eg the 300mm F4. What I want to see is 350mm F2.8 or 400mm F3.5.


A 350/2.8? Whatever could you be thinking about?

Even a 300mm f2.8 is a big ask. They certainly exist for 35mm FF, and could be a tad easier to make for a smaller image circle, but the Sigma costs over 5k and the Canon and Nikon are around 10k.

I wonder how big the market would be?

Given Olympus has announced the 150-400 4.5 with in built tele to give equivalent of 1000mm on 35mm, there is a quite impressive long tele option in the wings. The question is how the IS will work on Panasonic bodies.

Perhaps the logical rival to offer would be a slightly shorter but faster similar lens by Panasonic?

As for the 300mm F2.8, Olympus made one for the 4/3 system and no doubt they could use the same optical formula but with new AF motors, stabilisation and lightweight materials. Sure it would be expensive, but no more expensive than the CanonNikon versions.

Regardless, if you are concerned about size and cost then such lenses are not for you.


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