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J4Hug wrote:

With the imminent arrival of the 2.0TC I am toying with the idea of the dot sight for wildlife etc. I have the 1.4TC and with the EM1x and 300 f4, I am reasonably effective at getting the target in the frame quickly but struggled over the weekend with overcast skies.. would the Dot Sight make things easier?

I am interested in seeing users' reviews. How good, how versatile (with different lenses) how robust, is it worth it?

Thanks to glassoholic for stirring the interest


For birding, the dot sight has been a very valuable tool for me. I am using the 100-400 currently, but I have used it with the 100-300 in the past as well as on other camera bodies and lens combinations. For me it has been a game changer and yes, very well worth the cost. I did a post with a review on the EE-1:

Got some swallows in flight with it:

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