How much is the XF 16-80mm f/4 going to cost?

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Re: How much is the XF 16-80mm f/4 going to cost?

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I understand the FL side of it, but not the price as I said, if this was a $500 lens we're talking I think it would be fantastic. But for $1000? Not so much. I mean, the 55-200 already does F4 around 80mm but it's more versatile besides if you pair that with the 18-55. And you can get both of those for about 700 used in great condition

Canon hasn't had any trouble making a lot of money selling a 24-105/4.0 L IS USM at 1.000+ USD for 14 years - despite also offering a 24-70/2.8 L USM. It must have been popular and profitable, else they wouldn't have committed to updating it to a Version II.

Replacing one 16-80 with two lenses is not going to work for people who want the largest flexibility at f4.0 in one lens.

Different people have different use cases. Noone is dismissing your point of view (larger aperture, no IOS required on stabilized body, could be replaced by other lenses), so you could make a stronger effort to relate to other people's wants and needs (larger zoom range in a single lens, constant aperture compared to other Fuji standard zooms, more compact than a 18-135).

To state the obvious, Canon's f4 lens is full frame, so actually f4. Not f6. Pretty major difference for a lot of folks, and frankly as a Canon full-frame user the f4 was a weight/cost compromise from the f2.8.

Agree one the use cases obviously. The lens isn't for me, but obviously some folks will find great use for it.

You do realise that many people use the Canon on APSC dslr right? And it's still called an F4 ... this equivalence thing really gets grating, but if it makes you happier imagining that FF allows over a stop extra light then go right ahead.  I think most knowledgeable photographers know that only DOF is affected, and even then not by as much as you might like, as the FL is increased on APSC therefore gaining more compression therefore negating a lot of the benefit of the larger sensor.  F-Stoppers do a whole piece on debunking the whole shallower DOF per larger sensor thing.

For those looking forward to this lens, great! I just hope it isn't $1K or more or I feel you are being taken to the bank.  I can see why those not using an XH1 are interested, but for those of us who are benefiting from IBIS, it's not all that exciting.  The 16-55 is the better option by far IMO.  You can get this lens for a lot less than $1K used, if you look hard enough.

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