Will there be an updated 200 micro lens?

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Re: Will there be an updated 200 micro lens?

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Ernie Misner wrote:

Or how about with a tube and no optics in it? Way to go experimenting with those. Thanks and keep us posted.

On and off topic - AF or MF for macro?

My preferred choice is MF with a tripod and little wind (a challenge outdoor in the UK) - because MF enable me to choose the precise point of focus - as on the centre of the largest flower in the images below.

For flying insects AF, perhaps combined with "spray and pray" for tiny insects, and maybe as few as 1 in 20 shots OK is the way some photographers prefer work.

Nikon gives us choices - leaving each photographer to decide which and when.

The first challenge is there are no currently in production qualitytubes to fit Nikon which fully support metering etc

The Kenko (Nikon and Canon), particularly stacking the 3 tubes, do not hold the taking lens flange parallel to the sensor - even with a lightweight Z body

The discontinued Nikon PN-11is a single high quality tube with the bonus of a tripod collar but no AF electric contacts. It works on a DSLR with lenses with an aperture ring with some metering options.

Canon make a set of Canon fit tubes - for around £600.

Modern lenses are better than older designs at bringing R, G & B colour into focus in the same plane at the sensor.

Many recent lenses are designed with a constant lens flange to sensor distance. Introducing tubes is likely to mess up the R, G and B alignment at the sensor plane.

Using Kenko tubes with the 70-200 f4 and 300 PF seems to mirror this probability in that with several tube extension AF "ticks", though MF is OK. This might be because AF does not detect colour and may still detect one of the 3 primaries if it is out of focus.

A problem factor with the Z7 AF, is the Kenko tubes and the 70-300, 300 PF and 200-500 is an often viewfinder warning "Error - release shutter-button to reset". MF usually works OK.

What aperture?

Perhaps starting WW3 with theorists f18 and f22 can be OK for competition projection.

Often the horizontal maximum number of pixels is 1,800 - giving flexibility to crop 45 MP to about 1/16th without significant loss of quality in the projected image.

Bee orchid showing background at f11

Bee orchid showing background effect at f11

If I could have found a specimen better separated from the background no background problem but no such luck in a break between heavy rain yesterday afternoon.

Thanks Leonard and you are really getting into this with great results there.   Nice job of getting parallel to so many subjects... such dedication.  
I see that using a tube is not as simple as it sounds.  I have done okay with my Kenko's in the past but I have never stacked them or used more than one at a time.  I use them more for close ups than macro.  So funny how focusing behaves with a tube and zoom lens.  You can use the zoom to achieve focus somewhat.

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