Photo-manipulations vs. photography

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Adding emotion

I believe that a photo can be manipulated quite a bit so long as it is meant to give a complete representation of what the photographer felt and saw at that moment. A common and simple tactic to do this is black and white or images that are rendering in a dominant color.

There was another article about a photographer getting an award taken away because he edited a photo of an elephant and the ears got switched around. The sky was also likely changed out to give the image a more dramatic feel. Some argued that the background being changed alone should have also gotten the photographer disqualified but I feel that is fine if the change helped to re-create what the photographer perceived and felt at the time.

For me, photography isn't just a 100% recreation of a scene because that is a very subjective thing. Light is tricky and our cameras are usually calibrated for art, not scientific accuracy. I tend to find that some people, with more of them being found on a gear site, tend to lean toward the belief that the cameras are calibrated for science.

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