Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 wide open in daylight... Electronic Shutter or ND filter?

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Re: Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 wide open in daylight... Electronic Shutter or ND filter?

CeeDave wrote:

alekt449 wrote:

akin_t wrote:

I honestly keep forgetting about the electronic shutter on Fuji cameras.

Is there any reason to use an ND filter over the electronic shutter to nail exposure with this wide open on sunny days?

Electronic shutter changes the bokeh which the lens produces. If bokeh is your primary objective try testing side by side if it is relevant for you. Here explained

Interesting. I haven’t noticed this on my X-T1 with manual lenses, and can’t reproduce it, either.

Maybe it is related to how a camera manipulates the aperture at the time of exposure, which it can only do for lenses that communicate with the camera? I can’t see how shutter speed or type *per se* could have any effect on blur. Anyone have an explanation?

(Also, it shouldn’t affect exposure...this really looks like either a hardware problem in automated aperture control, or a firmware/software problem in the e-shutter control. I’m not persuaded that it is inevitable with ES, but I’m open to a persuasive explanation.)

It's a mystery isn't it? I know how an electronic shutter works, so to me I can understand the difference in exposure but definitely not the difference in out of focus areas (which is purely a function of lens opening).

In any case, I will run some tests with both the Zeiss 32mm and the MItakon 35mm and see what happens.

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