Gear advice for Fall Watkins Glenn State Park & Letchfield State Park trip

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Re: Gear advice for Fall Watkins Glenn State Park & Letchfield State Park trip

I'm assuming you mean Letchworth State Park, since that's in the same general area as Watkins Glen and a quick search for "Letchfield" didn't return any relevant results.

It's been quite a while since I've been to Watkins Glen, so I can't provide any particularly useful info there other than that it's a beautiful place and there are indeed some stairs. I would guess a standard zoom like the 28-75 would probably be a safe bet. Another similar park worth visiting in that area is Robert Treman State Park, which should be about 30 minutes farther east (in fact, all of the gorges around Ithaca are beautiful in the Fall).

Letchworth is a place I know very well...I grew up near there and have been there dozens of times, though mostly before I was into photography (I haven't lived in the area in about 15 years). Compared to Watkins Glen, you might want something longer for the views down the gorge (for example, if you want a close-up of middle falls from Inspiration Point). I can't think of anything at Letchworth that would require a UWA, so I think the 28-75 would be a good bet here too if you're trying to reduce weight. Ideally, I would probably also bring a 70-200, but you didn't mention that as an option. You will only really be on a lot of stairs to get to the lower falls, but that part of the park is worth seeing.

Here's a shot I took in the winter at the lower falls. There are better spots to shoot the falls themselves, but I was more interested in the ice and the water moving through the gorge (also, it was really slippery and I wasn't as willing to climb over the walls as I might be otherwise).

75mm FF equivalent

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