Decent new PC for old photographer... Under $1000? Possible?

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Re: Only $700+cost of 2tb drive

stanton wrote:

WryCuda wrote:

Another option is NAS.

Thanks. NAS is overkill for me, but your point about new large drives being cheap is a good point.

Overkill for me as well. I prefer to have a computer that I designate as the "Server" and then use it for other stuff as well as a file server.

In your opinion will SSDs have a longer "shelf life" than HDDs? My fear is the function of legacy drives now and in the future. Right now I have some old legacy drives that pre-date SATA. I've been 100% digital since 2000 with the first generation of the Nikon D1, followed by D1x- then migrating to Canon around 2004.

I've never been too concerned about the evolution of drive interfaces, and just used whatever was the current technology, but I avoided SCSI. BTW, my first HDD was back in 1989; it was 45Mb and cost me about $600.

I've refreshed my hardware every 5 years or so, and transferred the data to new drives, so I've never encountered the "legacy" issue, or experienced a drive failure, for that matter.

The oldest drives that I have in the house are a couple of SATA 500Gb drives that live in my standby Win7 computer. It's Core2 Duo hardware from 2007 and it was updated to Win7 in 2012.

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