Which (Godox) flash for new A7III owner?

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Re: Would suggest Flashpoint version

lattesweden wrote:

Thanks, that was a really good summary!

You're welcome.

... So the question is, should he go for the TT350S or the TT685S when the price is 10-20% difference only?

I think it depends on the intended usage. If the majority of the time it's just needed as on-camera fill and going small/light is a priority, then the TT350 is probably the better choice. If the majority of the time it will be used as a radio-controlled off-camera unit, then the TT685 would be better as the weight/size doesn't matter when a lightstand's holding it, and a dedicated transmitter would be smaller/lighter than the TT350, anyway.

Or, if on-camera event shooting will require the additional output of the TT685 then it may be worth dealing with the extra size/weight.

(On a side note, the V1 is to my understanding Godox's answer to the Profoto A1 which is a Swedish company whose headquarters is opposite the McDonald's near my old job. Profoto says they might sue Godox for copying that model. I have no connection to Profoto except knowing an old employee of theirs).

Yup. That piece of news has made the rounds. The issue here is that Profoto doesn't actually have any patents yet on the A1's design (they're submitted and pending, but not awarded), so their threat of suing Godox doesn't actually hold much water from a legal standpoint, and Godox has refutedthey've copied any of the internal design. Profoto can't successfully sue someone just because the head on their flash is round, otherwise Quantum would be on Profoto's case for copying the QFlash design, and every brand's speedlights would have a differently shaped head.   And I don't think anybody in their right minds would confuse Profoto gear with Godox's.

Now whether MagMod has a case against Profoto for the magnetic modifier approach...

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