kodak dslr ideas bringing a company back

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kodak dslr ideas bringing a company back

mission statement

to put Kodak cameras in the spotlight and over come the shroud that it’s just point and shoots and bridge cameras and really revamp Kodak into more than a name that comes up second to the rapper Kodak black on hashtags on social media and search results and to put a DSLR into market that has the best feedback from average joes to pro shooter and assemble a mount a called the k mount and put it on par with the Sony a73 a99 etc and Nikon models and canons latest and greatest and surpass competition

marketing campaign strategy:

#Kodaks is back

viral market and gorilla market like hell globally

reaching all ages

get YouTubers honest feeback embargo till ok is given

tie in retro vibes to create a great visual aesthetic for ads then modernize transitions

camera features:

add German glass maker

Schneider Kreuznach Back in to the fold

being built for the roughest conditions for equipment abusers ex casey neistat if your reading this im sorry

bringing in the best camera designers making a gorgeous camera and best lenses for the best price

adding a camera that can be spect with options for the internals much like  a laptop could sort of and making it with features that would be supported for firmware for 5 years

if successful and the film resurgence does not die out design a film camera for the new age and also bringing firmware updates for the iso and will get other features as time goes on being able to with stand a 2 million shutter count and shoot at 14fps

bringing great design cues on from the past to the flagship camera

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