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Back on April 22, 2019, I purchased the Nik software bundle and integrated with my DXO Photolab 2 which was purchased about 2 months prior. My old computer died and decided to buy a new one. I also got tired of Adobe charging fees for "renting" their software which was the reason I stopped paying them. DXO PL2 seemed like a good alternative because it was a perpetual license and it updated their RAW converter seemingly on a regular basis. Purchasing a new camera and being a RAW shooter, I wanted a RAW editor that I didn't have to subscribe to. It's a very good solution. Finally, I was a prior Nik filter user even prior to the acquisition from Google. So I guess somewhere about 10-12 years. So, on June 22, I attended an online workshop where someone was demonstrating Nik version 2. I thought for sure I had V2, but I come to find out I do not. Being that my purchase was only 60 days old, I went to website to get the upgrade. No so fast! They wanted another $59 for the upgrade because my license was over 30 days old. I thought, that had to be a mistake, but that's not the case. After contacting their support via a post on their website, I was told there was nothing they could do as this is their management's policy. I then asked to send me one of their senior management's contact information so that I could express my concerns directly. No response! So...this should be a caution to anyone who decides to purchase anything from DXO, don't expect to be upgraded to another version if you purchased it over 30 days ago. It's a real shame that something which is pretty much common practice in the software industry (upgrades within the first year of purchase) has ruined my experience dealing with DXO. As a side note, the difference between V1 and V2 is fairly minor which is all the more reason I'm so surprised they wouldn't allow me to upgrade at no charge. BUYER BEWARE.

No, this is NOT DxO’s problem or fault. It’s yours for believing you can have the latest and greatest for free.

Whether you like it or not, you have to spend money every year for the rest of your life if you want those attractive new features. So, stop being irrational and look at Adobe with fresh, new, smart eyes.

There is no free lunch.

I purchased Affinity Photo almost 18 months ago now, and just got their latest and greatest for free.   I imagine version 2.0 will a paid version (a whopping $49 full retail), but until then, they're continuing to work on fixes and some features for version 1.

Every company is different. Some have a liberal upgrade policy, some don't. My belief is that those who do will be rewarded in the end.

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