Cant decide if a speed booster or the 35mm 1,4

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Re: Cant decide if a speed booster or the 35mm 1,4

markusw wrote:

Do you need AF? If not, I would go for the Fuji and a cheap adaptor.

Otherwise... if you have a choice, get both

Well, yes and no hehe. I think in the end i WILL get them both at some point. Bot the 35 and some kind of adapter. Just think it would be fun, on the other hand i use my nikkors on my Nikon Df which is fun and a great combo as well. Just thought the extra focus peaking and everything else on the X-T3 could be fun and useful that the DF don't. Also even though the Df is smaller than the average DSLR the Fuji with those lenses would be a great little street shooting package to walk around with. Only thing is ofc sometimes its great with AF. The 35 would be used a lot for my 8 months old baby, i currently use the 56 and 16 for that but find the 16 a bit too wide for his features at times and almost preferred shooting him with the 56 or my Nikon DF and the 58 there for some nice environmental portraits.

I only have 2 older manual Nikkor lenses, the 28 f28 and the 105 f2,5 which i could use with an adaptor on the Fuji in that case.

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