How much is the XF 16-80mm f/4 going to cost?

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Re: How much is the XF 16-80mm f/4 going to cost?

Like others, I think it will be in the $1,000 ballpark at launch.

I've considered a Canon 15-85 with Fringer Adapter in the mean time as a travel zoom. I'm more concerned about the range than the constant f4. But I'm somebody who upgrades lenses as I get the money to do so and don't mind getting a cheaper adapted lens to hold me over until I can afford a fuji.

My current long term idea is to have 23 f2, 50 f2, 90 f2, with the 16-80 f4, then get a WR body like the x pro 2 as well. I'd likely keep the 27 2.8 pancake as well for going small on my XE 2. That could cover a whole lot of scenarios and keep the weight down.

Looking at an FOV chart, I think 23/50/90 which equates to 35/75/135 is actually a more balanced spacing than the common 35/85/135.

I primarily shoot street, travel and portraits...not much else.

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