Missing lenses, missing updates.

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compact pro image quality tele zoom

we’ve got 100-300 and 70-300 range small max aperture zooms which don’t really cut it with regard to speed or absolute image quality at 300mm

We’ve got a 100-400 which is slow at 400 and in which quality drops off at focal lengths longer than 300. It is relatively compact for a 400mm due to it extending as it zooms, but you pay a weight penalty for that less than optimum IQ in the 300-400 range

We’re getting the new Olympus 150-400 F4.5 zoom, which no doubt will be excellent in terms of image quality. But it doesn’t extend whilst zooming so you are effectively carrying a full length 400mm lens around with you.

What I would like to see is a 100-300 f4 or f4.5 lens with stellar image quality at 300mm (so that TCs can be used if needed.... And one which extends when zooming so that the size in your bag is kept to a minimum. Effectively, do what Olympus did with the 12-100, but in the 100-300 range.

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