Use ND graduated filters or software?

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Re: Use ND graduated filters or software?

mreynolds767 wrote:

I don't use Grads on the camera and I don't really edit the way you are proposing.

Sometimes the scene requires exposure bracketing if you don't have a grad filter (the dynamic range exceeds the camera's abilities or close enough there were will be less than perfect results if using 1 exposure)

But when I do use 1 exposure (which is often) I edit using virtual copies ; in a sense creating my own bracketed exposures by editing the copies differently and then blend them in PS via Smart Objects. That is my preferred course of action ; instead of using LR's graduated filter, increasing shadows, etc... as you have described.

Is there a benefit to doing it this way vs. just making local adjustments on the original image? I typically shoot brackets and often end up blending more than one exposure, but if I'm working with a single file I just make local adjustments with the brush, lasso, etc. I'm curious if there's a benefit to making separate copies with the adjustments and then blending those? I think PP is definitely the weakest aspect of my photography, so I'm always interested in hearing about other methods that work for people.

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