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This post not to start any "at infinity " argument, jus give a different bell song ...

I had a T2 then bought the H1 and alongside a T3 to have 2 bodies fiited with 2 lenses.

The H1 brings to T2 a fantastic IBIS for those that can value it (impressive stabilization for non OIS lenses and all MF 3rd party lenses) plus a fantastic EVF plus a better build body with, IMO, a better UI and grip

The AF is absolutely identical to T2, that is to say very good in most situations. The T3 though has pushed a bit the age of H1 with definitly a better AF (I have posted many times about that)

I do wonder if there are a group who have no idea of, or see no need for, any technique being required with AF and demand completely automatic shutter push through focus especially if all they have ever had is AF or good phase contrast AF. Given that situation are the practical problems cited with relatively slow focusing cameras as important as would appear for the many people who instinctively work around the actual performance parameters?

Then of course there is the binary view point so beloved in these competitive forums that if something is slower than anything else in any way and by however small a margin then it is slow and the other fast.

The H1 with the latest firmwaer is now free of sudden freeze crisis (which I never experienced with it...) and the IBIS allows very stables video footages.

At the end of the day if you do not compare its AF system with the T3 the H1 remains alovely camera to use, just now slightly old fashioned compared to the best of its peers

Some people just don’t want to suffer out of focus shots because they don’t have all day to overcome a cameras short comings. Others have all the time in the world to learn to work around it.

Yes but what is good this year will be sub standard next year and that in its turn will be no longer good enough.

Mmmmm that’s not always the case these days anymore, maybe a few years ago yes, but most of today’s cameras are good enough because most brands have reached a really high level of IQ and performance.

Yes new features are usually put in new models but not everybody buys the latest camera every two years and those new features might not be worth it to many.

I personally do not like the IQ coming out of most new cameras and too much resolution might be one of those reasons, or maybe too much ISO cleanliness or whatever you call it.

The HX1 didn’t work for the OP and that’s okay but when the XH2 comes out the H1 won’t be sub standard for many because the price will be so damn good that many people will get one because over all it still is a fantastic camera IMHO.  I don’t think I’ll get one but it still is good.

Whilst it is good to have the best performance there is an element of helplessness and dependence that creeps in as automation improves and even then it is never fail safe.

So the implication that that an X-H1 needs all the time in the world may be a bit of an exaggeration and to some extent user dependent. Things may not be so difficult with the older kit for those who have not yet moved on to a different level in the never ending upgrade path with its increasing transfer of skill from user to equipment which not everyone wants.

Well to you that might not matter but for professional use it might matter to some.  Let me put it to you this way, no other Fuji or any other brand that I have owned ever locked up/froze on me, except the XH1.

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