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Re: FZ1000 10 EX zoom, i.zoom

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I use the 10MP i.Zoom similar to Gerald noted.

At least with my FZ1000 the overall the 1124mm EFL IQ results seem to look better than the 20MP 800mm EFL i.Zoom.

What I've found to get best IQ from using FZ1000 10MP i.Zoom is to:
• Get as close as you can to subject (bird, etc.) so subject 'fills' the image area.
• Good daylight lighting conditions (to keep lower ISO)
• Use base ISO setting, as lighting conditions will allow.


Very interesting. If I understand you correctly, you get better IQ by using EX at 10mp + 2x i.zoom than just the 2x i.zoom alone? I wonder why that would be, unless a 10mp image works better with i.zoom than a 20mp image? Thanks for the information.

Regards, Dave

Well the primary reason to using i.Zoom is to have a simple/ easy "in-camera" (no PP required) gain of a longer EFL via narrower FOV; NOT for 100% pixel peeping.

Hence for mainly viewing images at the SAME display or smaller resolutions the 10MP i.Zoom's 1124mm EFL are going to "appear" larger than the 20MP i.Zoom's 800mm EFL.

If you are not going to pixel peep, the resolution of i.Zoom as opposed to that of EZ is going to be wasted with JPEG. Now with my FZ200, very interestingly the only kind of zoom that is going to be available when you are saving RAW (additionally or solely) is i.Zoom and the saved raw file will contain only the crop that the i.Zoom JPEG has been (or would have been) created from.

So with the raw file, you'll get the "gain of a longer EFL" via additional cropping with the full framing tools of the camera without artificial pixels: only the relevant crop is saved at its nominal resolution which makes it fully suitable for "100% pixel peeping", just that there are fewer pixels.

It's completely arbitrary that i.Zoom is compatible with RAW while EZ and digital zoom aren't since nothing apart from the framing makes it into the RAW file but that's basically the only way to "zoom" by cropping while saving only actual pixels: i.Zoom and raw files.

Whether this peculiarity is universal with Panasonic or just a choice for some models: no idea.


As I MADE it PERFECTLY CLEAR; the MAIN reason to use i.Zoom is just a EASY WAY, i.e., NO PP REQUIRED, for one to have a "IN-CAMERA" solution for a longer EFL.

AGAIN, as previously posted, using i.Zoom similar to the EASE of using in-camera pano vs. taking several pics and stitching the individual pics into a pano image.

ANY experienced Photog WELL AWARE of the effects of using any type of digital zoom; and would not use if IQ has the higher priority than the "ease" of using i.Zoom.

We've previously discussed you RAW vs. i.Zoom ...

Your FZ200 RAW image:

DMC-FZ200 + DMW-LT55

My FZ200 with LT-55 with i.Zoom — OOC NO Edits

OOC JPG (no edits; 4,000px × 2,672px) FZ200, LT55, i.Zoom w/ tripod

My above i.Zoom PP and resized to match resolution size of your image:

As to your excuse of your poor RAW IQ being:
"Full-moon pictures are basically flat because the light..."

I posted my own FZ200 full moon shot to disprove your excuse:

FZ200 Full Moon; 108mm; LT 55 & NO i.zoom • Moon image full size, only cropped to reduce black sky.

The reason for your poor RAW full moon due much more to your exposure settings/ and or the RAW PP of the image.

As I've noted previously, for all the lengthy posting you do, sure not showing in the IQ of any the images I've seen you post.

Bottom Line: YOU are the LAST person I would take any photography advice from.

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