Can a FF Canon lens be used as a FF lens via Metabones or Viltrox adapters on APS-C or MFT bodies?

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Can a FF Canon lens be used as a FF lens via Metabones or Viltrox adapters on APS-C or MFT bodies?

Can a FF Canon lens be used as a FF lens via Metabones, Viltrox, etc., 0.71x or other adapters on APS-C or MFT Canon or non-Canon bodies? Not sure where to post. Posted to Canon SLR Lens Talk by mistake yesterday.

Part of my collection of nice old Canon glass includes some wide angle and fisheye lenses. I no longer have a Full Field (FF) Canon body (theft). I have seen some web postings about various Metabones or Viltrox adapters, mostly to Sony or micro 4/3rds (MFT) camera bodies. I have a Canon T5 Rebel body, an Olympus 5 Mark II MFT body and occasional access to a Sony A6000 body. Even if my Canon glass would have to be used in manual focus or exposure mode, is there an adapter that allows my lenses to maintain FF or non crop-sensor FOV to the crop-sensor camera sensor? This would be particularly vital for the fish eye lens where it simply does not “work” on the old T5 APS C camera body.

Hoping to avoid the need of buying a new, expensive and heavy FF Canon body, as my wide angle lenses are not used that often.

Thanks in advance. If I have posted to the incorrect forum please let me know where to post.

From NOLA with love.

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You'll get more answers if you get this moved to Adapted Lens Talk

MFT crop factor is 2.0x

By using a 0.71x adapter it will end up with an 1.4x crop angle of view between APS-H and APS-C formats, not Canon FF.

If you use it on Sony E mount APS-C, you will get approximately FF FOV

An autofocus, autoexposure speed booster on MFT is an interesting idea, but I haven't tried one yet. Experimentation with other systems suggest to me that image quality is not as good wide open with the speedbooster adapters, but potentially very good if you stop down at least one stop.

If you only want manual focus, there is the possibility of getting only the adapter to Sony E mount and then you can get a further dumb adapter ring to MFT

Sittatunga • Senior Member • Posts: 1,305 Re: Reducers on APS-C bodies, reply:

There are a couple of moderately acrimonious threads on this subject on the EOS M forum at the moment which have some grains of truth in them.

A good Metabones reducer is just under half the price of an EOS RP. It's just under half the weight of that Sony A6000, so the A6000 plus the Metabones reducer would save about 5 ounces compared to an EOS RP plus the EF mount adapter. On the Sony your lenses would have a full-frame equivalent focal length increase of about 7% - a 15mm lens on the reducer on the Sony would give announcement the same angle of view as a 16mm lens on full-frame.

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