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Re: Only $700+cost of 2tb drive

WryCuda wrote:

stanton wrote:

I've been contemplating what to do for storage and wondering if there might be a warranty issue if I didn't maintain the OS on the original drive. I'd pulled out the SATA drives from my old machine (3 drives) and combined have 1.3TB and another 6TBs on other drives, so I'm not short on storage space. The bays in the new computer only accommodate 2.5" drives... So the easiest and cheapest thing seemed to be get a docking station for the SATA drives. I thought that would be the easiest thing too as I had no idea what was on the drives as the first things that failed on the old were the drive busses, (and USB ports) including the CD/DVD. With the station I can dock two drives at a time with a USB 3.0 connection. I'll probably put one of the drives inside the computer and find a way to secure it to the chasis and perhaps down the road get another SSD. The docking station also has a cloning feature which can be done online or offline. And now I can use these drives with my other two laptop computers. $28. Whoo hoo!

If there's any doubt about the integrity of your existing HDDs, you could consider getting a couple of new large drives, which are surprisingly cheap these days.

I use the (shared) drives of my two main computers as storage, with several USB drives for backup.

Another option is NAS.

Thanks. NAS is overkill for me, but your point about new large drives being cheap is a good point.

In your opinion will SSD's have a longer "shelf life" than HDDs?  My fear is the function of legacy drives now and in the future.  Right now I have some old legacy drives that pre-date SATA.  I've been 100% digital since 2000 with the first generation of the Nikon D1, followed by D1x- then migrating to Canon around 2004.

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