Missing lenses, missing updates.

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Re: Missing lenses, missing updates.

NextShowForSure wrote:

At entry level I think Olympus desperately need an affordable compact lens wider than 28mm equivalent. It may get people in to the brand at the start as 24mm is very much the standard and then people can move on to more sophisticated lenses but not all will.

This 28mm barrier Olympus have for anything compact is intriguing and it did not help the Stylus 1S their last impressive in so many ways fling at compacts bar the single tough line.

I have had a 12-32 which is excellent but no manual focus on Olympus bodies.

Good point. I had both the 12-32 Panny and the Olympus 14-42 EZ and finally sold the Panny because of the lack of a focus ring, even though I preferred the 12mm on the Panny. Maybe the upcoming E-M5 III will have a small 12 wide pancake zoom as a premium travel lens..... I’d buy it, and the camera, too.

It probably sounds entirely trivial or even hilarious to high end power users but at my rather basic level the cheap utility wide angle 15-45mm with 24mp on even the cheap X-T100 keeps me in the Fuji camp despite frustration at the lack of IBIS with primes.

A competitive decent entry level kit lens is essential and Sony have a similar blind spot with their 16-50 lens and if Sony had a half way decent compact kit lens they would be difficult to compete with.

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