Missing lenses, missing updates.

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Re: Missing lenses: wide angle autofocus prime

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iano wrote:

Currently there are so many solutions for 12mm lenses it is crazy, but only a few quite large zooms that go any wider, plus some 3rd party manual focus lenses.

Who else would like a 6 or 7 or 8 mm prime with autofocus?

If you have an E-M1 II, the Olympus 8 mm f/1.8 Pro fisheye is in-camera convertible to rectilinear. Although this actually works quite well, giving a FOV that is about the same as 7mm non-fish, I prefer to use mine as a great little, lowlight, autofocus FE that works on my other camera bodies...like this image from my Pen F.

Love the shot, but the fact it is only available in camera to 1 model of camera given how many different m43 bodies there are, and these bodies suit different people and situations, suggests to me there is still room for an alternative.

I guess I wasn’t Rey clear. This lens will work just fine on all MFT cameras, I use it mostly on my Pen F (this shot) and my E-M10 II. It is only the E-M1 series that will do the in-camera de-fish. I should mention that I have this in-camera conversion set to kick in via one of my fn buttons so I can see both the fisheye and rectilinear views through the EVF at the touch of the button.... works great.

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