Tricky macro photography: what went possibly wrong?

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Re: Tricky macro photography: what went possibly wrong?

Lightshow wrote:

IBIS can do some amazing things, but at macro distances it can't fix everything, With a longish shutter, your body is swaying if you move toward or away from your subject, it will be outside the capabilities of IBIS, add to that, your subject can move.

I am realising this exact phenomena. A slight movement throws everything out of focus. And IBIS works only with some camera shake.

Invest in a flash, you'll be able to stop down to maximize DOF and keep the shutter speed high enough to stop the subject's movement.

Flash seems like a good investment. More gear more money required 😄

a tripod/monopod can help when you're pushing the limits.

Far too many people use technology as a crutch to fix their lazy fundamental technique, when ask too much of it, it will humble you in short order by giving you bad performance. Welcome back to the real world where a polished fundamental technique can save the day, at least that's my experience.

I agree. Good techniques and skills are probably the best specs of camera anyone can wish for. 😊

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