How much is the XF 16-80mm f/4 going to cost?

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Re: What were the issues?

Don Karner wrote:

I've always heard good things. Thanks for any info.

  • Distortion was high at 16mm
  • Center sharpness was excellent, but the edge sharpness was unacceptable at the wider focal lengths especially at 16mm f2.8. The sharp sweet spot varied widely in size with focal length and f stop, but was generally very good between 24mm to 70mm.
  • 80mm was noticeably soft at f4 except for a small area in the very center. Stoping  down didn't improve things as much as I had hoped.
  • Cheap noisy autofocus motor was too slow and an insult at $1000. I have had inexpensive Sigma lenses with better focus motors.
  • Build quality looked and felt cheap for a $1000 lens. When fully extended the lens felt wobbly.
  • No weather sealing. I had noticeable dust in the lens after a month of use.
  • Manual focus was difficult due to a fiddly focus ring (felt very cheaply made).
  • Zoom was not as smooth as it should have been, IMO.
  • Bokeh was disappointing. 

Despite theses issues I really liked having that extra 25mm of focal length, especially at social events when shooting candids. However, I had the impression that Nikon purposely did not make their 16-80mm lens as good as they could have and should have, especially for $1100. Why they did not I don't know. I just hope Fujifilm does much better.

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