How much of an upgrade is the D7500 from D3400 ?

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Re: How much of an upgrade is the D7500 from D3400 ?

My concerns are,

  1. Will the D7500 help me get better picture in those aspects (Iso performence, Sharpness & Af speed-accuracy) ?

Yes, iso is slightly better, for AF is the best non-pro system.

  1. The AF speed of my current go to combo (3400+tammy G1) is very slow, will the D7500 improve this ?

Depends on the focus motor mostly. If the motor is slow, it won't.

  1. I have plans for Nikon 200-500 f5.6 next year. Will it be a better partner to the body then the current Tammy G1 ?(Sharpness, Af speed & accuracy)

No clue, sorry.

Long story short, if you are after features, AF, buffer and framerate, a really usable 3d tracking and a Group AF mode that almost works in pitch black darkness, the d7500 is a good choice.

It also does have a few compression options for the NEF files, add that to the crop mode can help you handle better the amount of data that you have to store and go trough at home on the computer.

Image quality difference for the sensor itself, will not vary much, that's why the D3xxx series are so good.

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