Tamron 70-200 G2 Sharper than Nikon 70-200 FL Lens???

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Re: Tamron 70-200 G2 Sharper than Nikon 70-200 FL Lens???

So I had some time to compare these two lenses using Live View, manual focus on a tripod along with the Sigma 135 all at 135. I also compared the G2 to the FL at 70. What I found is that the reviews on the Lens Rental site are spot on. The FL was almost as good as the Sigma at 135 but the Tamron was best at the very edge. At 70, the Nikon was definite better than the Tamron for resolution in the center. The points made earlier about the autofocus are quite accurate. I am not crazy about the tracking on the G2. Having said all of this, the G2 renders quite well with nice out of focus transitions and make a good portrait lens except for its focus breathing. I have a copy now but would like to get the FL for the reasons stated above. There is some variation in these lenses and your ability to fine tune makes a big difference in results.

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